Bold ideas. Big Impact.

Van Andel Institute began with a vision: improve human health through biomedical research and science education. We do more than dream about it, we strive to make it a reality every day.

About VAI

Van Andel Institute engages the world’s brightest minds and advances the boldest ideas in pursuit of the biggest breakthroughs for humanity.

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Every day, we collaborate at the forefront of fundamental and translational science in pursuit of breakthrough treatment strategies for cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases.

We believe that hope for tomorrow lives in the students of today. Our Graduate School offers a rigorous research-intensive Ph.D. program that develops leaders in molecular and cellular biology. Our inquiry-based approaches for K–12 education help create classrooms where curiosity, creativity and critical thinking thrive.


How do you arrive at revolutionary treatments and breakthroughs? By unleashing a global coalition of brilliant scientific minds, fostering an entrepreneurial, collaborative process — and doing a world of good.

Graduate School

Van Andel Institute Graduate School develops scientists to be tomorrow’s biomedical research leaders through an intense, problem-focused PhD degree in molecular and cell biology.

K-12 Education

We create classrooms where curiosity, creativity and critical thinking thrive.

Our People

How do we move closer each day to improving health and enhancing lives? By bringing together hard-working scientists, educators, staff and students and providing the resources and support necessary for them to succeed.

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Donor Stories

Each of our dedicated supporters has a story for why they give: a mother diagnosed with breast cancer, a brother living with Parkinson’s, a lifelong passion for educating children, or something else entirely. We are honored to share them all.

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Our Impact

We're raising thousands to save millions

We’re turning hope into action for the millions of people around the world affected by diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. Find out how you can help us make a difference.

  • 171 studies published from Nov. 1, 2020 to Oct. 1, 2021
  • 68 studies in high-impact journals from Nov. 1, 2020-Oct. 1, 2021
  • 41 clinical trials launched
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